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Ramon Esteve

Ramon Esteve

Ramón Esteve graduated in Architecture from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM). He founded Ramón Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura in 1991, working on both architectural and interior design projects and also other fields such as industrial design and art direction. Harmony, serenity and essentiality are some of the constant features of Esteve’s work and become symbols of his will to provide to the habitat more than just buildings. As a result, embracing atmospheres where to enjoy unique experiences are created. Ramón Esteve’s portfolio includes wide expertise in public and private buildings, interior design projects, ephemeral architecture, industrial design and art direction. Ramón Esteve’s work on exclusive single-family houses is noteworthy on its own; they are true pictures of his philosophy. Product design projects are taken as the logic continuation of architectural field. The studio is currently collaborating with renowned furniture brands. Ramón Esteve is professor at the School of Architecture of Valencia and also at the Master in Interior Design of Universidad CEU-Cardenal Herrera. He is often invited to participate in workshops and conferences on architecture and design. Ramón Esteve has been awarded for his work in both architecture and industrial design. Ramón Esteve’s work has been widely published in collective books, magazine and also has two monographic compilations “Ramón Esteve. Desde la Arquitectura” edited by IVAM and “Ramón Esteve Architecture/ Design” edited by Loft.

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